Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Professional Development Roundtable Scholarly Publishing and DePauw's Open Access Policy

The DePauw faculty approved an open access policy last spring. What does that mean for you and how does it work? Join Rick Provine and Bruce Sanders from the Libraries for some information about open access, the process and our policy.


Top Colleges that Enroll Rich, Middle Class and Poor

New York Times analysis of the colleges that do the most to attract and support middle class and poor students.

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The Case for Conversational Writing

As the author argues, ʺThis discussion is actually part of a larger debate about what constitutes good writing. I always tell my first-year composition students, when I’m trying to correct all the misconceptions about writing they’ve picked up in high school—you can’t use personal pronouns or start a sentence with a conjunction, etc.—that the only reasonable standard for good writing is what good writers actually do. How many of our best nonfiction writers, the ones who are widely read and have a genuine impact, write in an academic style? Virtually none.ʺ

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Want to Take Group work to the Next Level? Give Team Tests.

Short Chronicle of Higher Education piece about the benefits of ʺteam-based learningʺ and team test-taking.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Teaching Roundtable Collaborative Writing in the Classroom

This session will demonstrate and discuss how collaborative documents online can help students develop their writing skills, provide peer reviews, and incorporate instructor feedback. Bring your writing-class challenges for discussion.

Writing-intensive courses provide opportunities for students to practice writing as well as sharing it with others. Collaborative writing spaces are one avenue through which students can develop writing skills. This session will demonstrate and discuss how collaborative documents online can help students develop their individual skills through small group writing assignments. Moreover, online documents can facilitate feedback within a text from peers and the professor, including the new suggestion feature within Google Drive. Faculty members are encouraged to bring their writing-class challenges for discussion.

Staging Encounters: Assessing the Performance of Context in Students’ Multimodal Writing. Read the article here (access on campus only).

Perelman, Foucault, and Social Networking: How Facebook and Audience Perception Can Spark Critical Thinking in the Composition Classrooms. Read the article here.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When Whites Just Don't Get It

New York Times op-ed piece about Ferguson and the ongoing affects of race in the US.

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Is Your Student Prepared for Life?

New York Times op-ed piece on the need to provide career training to undergraduates, starting in the first year of college.

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