Thursday, April 18, 2013

CUR Workshop on Undergraduate Research - Afternoon Session

WHAT:     "Expanding Undergraduate Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences."

WHO:       Jenny Shanahan, Director of Undergraduate Research at Bridgewater State University

WHERE:   Emerson Room, Inn at DePauw

WHEN:     Thursday, April 25 @ 4:00

 “Models of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, and Education”

This session addresses the reasons that faculty in some disciplines do not participate in undergraduate research (UR) in significant numbers and suggests ways to change that situation, to the great benefit of students. We will discuss the fact that certain definitions of and assumptions about “undergraduate research” inadvertently leave out what scholars in many disciplines (and interdisciplinary programs) actually do. Successful, disciplinarily appropriate modes of involving students in significant scholarly work will be presented. Together we will examine UR models from underrepresented disciplines that were presented at NCUR, funded in comparable institutions’ summer research programs, and published in undergraduate-research journals. The aims are to ascertain and advocate support for the skills, methods, and learning outcomes of UR that takes place outside of laboratories—in library stacks, archives, museums, fieldwork, schools, and other sites in the community.

Please read this document if you plan to attend the workshop:
"Undergraduate Research in the Humanities: Challenges and Prospects."


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