Friday, April 12, 2013

Faculty Forum - Rebecca Schindler and Terri Bonebright

WHAT:   “What Students Think about Cultural Heritage:  Teaching Archaeological Ethics to Undergraduates”

WHO:      Rebecca Schindler & Terri Bonebright

WHERE:  UB 231/232

WHEN:    April 16, 2013 11:30

As the world’s cultural heritage is increasingly threatened by looting, military action, and modern development, the education of the public and, in particular, our students is critical if we are to work towards preserving that heritage. Most college students have not seriously considered the ethical issues related to cultural heritage in general, and more specifically the potential effects of private versus public ownership of cultural objects. Nevertheless they have been exposed to presentations of archaeology in the popular media and may have had limited first-hand experience in a museum setting or site visit. As an archaeologist who regularly teaches archaeological ethics, and a psychologist who has an interest in how students' misconceptions may influence their ethical reasoning in the classroom, we wanted to understand better the underlying attitudes towards cultural heritage that our students may have.


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