Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Can the (Writing) Center Hold?"

Richard Miller and Paul Hammond of Rutgers University question the paradigms that have guided our teaching and that are shifting in the age of digital information technologies. As Miller writes: “Web 2.0 technology has underwritten a radical redistribution of expertise. Have a question about an ailment? The cost of an automobile? Comparative mortgage rates? Competing theories of religious freedom? Approaches to reading the Constitution? It's all just a few clicks away on the internet. How can we prepare students to think amidst this depthless flow of information? How do we go about cultivating curiosity? Creativity? Understanding? Composing with new media is not analogous to writing; collaborating with new media is not analogous to co-editing; the creation of the internet is not analogous to the invention of the printing press. Our 2.0 World is not an upgrade of what came before. The paradigm for human communication has shifted. Is there a place for the teaching of writing in the 21st century?” In this collaborative presentation, Dr. Miller and Dr. Hammond explore the possibility of constructing a rich and productive learning environment for the 21st century, one equal to addressing the global problems that have already come to define the new millennium.

Watch Youtube video from Richard Miller and Paul Hammond.

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