Thursday, December 5, 2013

What MOOCs deliver...and what they don't

Recent revelations that MOOCs are not quite the education revolution they promised to be have opened up serious questions about what the purpose of open online education is and whom it serves best. A new profile of Sebastian Thrun, the founder of Udacity, reveals that the completion rate for MOOCs is painfully low, especially for underprivileged students – the very demographic that was supposed to benefit the most from online education. As recent research from the University of Pennsylvania points out, “The individuals the MOOC revolution is supposed to help the most—those without access to higher education in developing countries—are underrepresented among the early adopters.” But before celebrating the demise of the MOOC revolution, “traditionalists” in education need to come to terms with the factors – such as affordability and access - that have put MOOCs on the map in the first place.

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