Thursday, April 24, 2014

Facebook in the Back of the Classroom

We all know just how frustrating it can be to look across the students in your classroom and see clear evidence that many of them are paying more attention to the latest Snapchat message or texting their sibling at another school. But what are we to do? Should we rail about incivility? Should we demand a technology-free classroom? Should we punish them for their insensitivity with pop-quizzes or calling on them when we know they haven't been listening (that great cinematic trope)? Or should we accept the technology and it's capacity to distract? Should we even embrace it? A recent column in Inside Higher Ed seeks to open up a discussion about good tactics for dealing with what many of us feel is an unwelcome intrusion into our pedagogy, but which others feel offers new opportunities for teaching our material in innovative ways.


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