Thursday, April 24, 2014

Faculty Forum with Francesca Seaman - The Truth of the Poetic Experience: A Vital Confrontation with History, Dino Campana

This presentation will discuss the question of poetry as a fundamental experience of loss and of displacement through a brief analysis of the works of the Italian 20th century poet Dino Campana. Placing Dino Campana’s works within the norms of a literary movement is an uproductive procedure, yet the influence Campana exerts on the poets who came after him, is incalculable. He does not propose norms for the use of poetic language, nor does he model an imitable rhetoric. On the contrary, he declares useless all ideologies, all thought that conforms itself to a system, or that reduces life of an individual to a paradigm. His works stand alone in the literary tradition, so we cannot measure Campana’s affect as a poet in as much as his works are taken as a point of reference. The relevance of Dino Campana arises from a new meditation on poetry, a lesson that questions the power of images, the coexistence of life and poetry, the violent search for an absolute, and the ethics of a poetry of freedom.


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