Thursday, February 5, 2015

10 Things the Best Digital Teachers Do

Both of us came to digital teaching early but somewhat reluctantly. What we love most about teaching are the interactions with students, and 15 years ago we didn’t see clearly how adding digital tools would allow us to strengthen those interactions.

The truth is: Face-to-face teaching has no direct digital analogue. However, digital technology has helped us have different kinds of interactions, and with a much more diverse set of students. Likewise, using digital tools has allowed our students to interact with a global community.

The best digital teachers share certain perspectives on the use and abuse of technology in the traditional classroom or online; and most of those teachers have learned their techniques through experimentation and revision. Some of the best examples come from folks like Cathy Davidson, Bonnie Stewart, Dave Cormier, and Maha Bali, and can be found on blogs like Hack Education, Profhacker, and Keep Learning. We’ve also recently curated a collection of articles -- by these and other teachers -- on Hybrid Pedagogy into a Digital Pedagogy Primer. And the book we recommend most highly for getting started is Net Smart by Howard Rheingold.

Below are 10 things we’ve picked up from our dialogues with digital teachers.

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