Friday, August 28, 2015

Research Faculty Forum, Erik Wielenberg "Secular Humility"

Come join us for the first Faculty Forum of the academic year. Here's how Erik describes his talk: 

“Humility is typically seen as a central virtue in the main monotheistic religious traditions. Outside of such traditions, however, humility’s status is more contested. Drawing on work in philosophy and positive psychology, I try to describe a trait that (a) merits the title ‘secular humility’, (b) is a virtue, (c) has some important similarities with humility as understood in the Christian tradition, and (d) requires neither belief in anything like the God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam nor the existence of such a deity. I also offer a solution to the humility paradox, which goes like this: if humility is a virtue then it’s a trait everyone should have. But truly amazing people have nothing to be humble about so they can’t – and hence shouldn’t – be humble.”


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