Friday, October 28, 2016

Research Faculty Forum with Tim Good, "Activist Performance - Causing Trouble Where Trouble Needs to be Caused" (in conjunctiion with ArtsFest)

Please join us next week for Tim Good's forum talk on "Activist Performance - Causing Trouble Where Trouble Needs to be Caused." Tim will be joined by members of The Living Theatre. This event is scheduled in conjunction with Artsfest.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Learning to Help: The Importance of Education in Supporting ethical Volunteering.

"In schools, colleges, and universities across the world, we are educating our young minds to become global citizens, encouraging good will, a zest for life and a desire to travel and to grow in the world. We are actively encouraging voluntary service--it is fast becoming an expectation on a CV or resume. However, we are not yet (for some reason) teaching our students how to carefully choose their voluntary service; nor about the importance of choosing ethically, sustainably and critically."

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Professional Development Roundtable in Conjunction with ArfsFest: A Panel Discussion on Art and Utopia

Join us next Thursday for this special ArtsFest event: a panel discussion on Art and Utopia.


Teaching Faculty Forum: Alicia Suarez, "From the Ivory Tower to the Prison: Rewards and Challenges of Teaching in a Women's Prison

Join us next Wednesday, at which Alicia Suarez (Sociology and Anthropology) will talk about her experience teaching marginalized students at a women’s state prison during her recent sabbatical.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Teaching Roundtable: "Team-Based Advising using Student Success Collaborative (SSC)."

This Teaching Roundtable will focus on DePauw's use of the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) to facilitate team-based advising that enables faculty members, class deans, and other advisors to provide integrated support for students.