Friday, March 10, 2017

Teaching Faculty Forum with Dr. Richard Skolnik (Yale University), "Global Health 101 - Challenges, Responses, and What our Students Want from Us."

Using the latest data and evidence, Richard Skolnik will briefly introduce us to key global health issues and what can be done to address them. Richard’s comments will focus largely on the health of people in low- and middle-income countries. Richard will focus in particular on an overview of: Why is the health of anyone, anywhere, the health of everyone, everywhere? What do people get sick, disabled, and die from? Which people are most affected? What are the determinants and risk factors for these problems? What can be done to address them in ways that are cost-effective, doable, sustainable, and fair? In this context, Richard will then comment on: the growth of student interest in global health; what students often want for instruction in global health and related experiential opportunities; how a range of institutions have tried to respond to growing student interest; and, what this environment might mean for how schools like DePauw might build capacity to offer high quality instruction and experiences in global health to its own students.

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