Friday, April 21, 2017

Teaching Roundable with the Advising Committee, "Advising in a New Millennium"

Millennial's. Generation Z. Whatever their generation tag, these are our students. What are the best practices for advising them? This session will highlight defining characteristics of current student cohorts and propose strategies for advising them. The Advising Committee will also present the results of the faculty advising survey conducted earlier this semester and plans for advisor development activities for 2017-18.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Teaching Faculty Forum: Sharon Crary and Rebecca Upton, "Global Health in the Liberal Arts Classroom"

Come listen to Sharon and Rebecca relate their experiences teaching two renditions of the new Introduction to Global Health course and consider ways to incorporate examples of global health into existing courses across the disciplines. Their goal is to demonstrate the range of approaches within the field and to continue to assist faculty in cultivating interest and expertise in courses that will be applicable to the Global Health Major.


Friday, April 7, 2017

Professional Development Roundtable with Dan Gurnon and Mandy Brookins Blinn, "Undergraduate Research and Off-Campus Study"

Dan and Mandy will present on research oriented off-campus study programs. The discussion will include information about unique programs such as EuroScholars, Oak Ridge Science Center, School for Field Studies, and School for International Training. Students who have recently returned from these programs will be joining in a panel discussion of their research projects, and how they have influenced their academic careers at DePauw. We will also discuss ways in which faculty and staff can identify good candidates for these types of experiences.